About Us


The library is the heart and life-line of any citadel of learning. The quality of teaching, learning and research is predicated on the robustness of the availability, accessibility and utilization of library and information resources. Libraries have been the repositories of the wisdom of mankind throughout the ages. They are the source of education inspiration and intellectual food on which lecturers, researchers, administrators and students are nourished.

The library in Covenant University is known as “Centre for Learning Resources” (CLR). The Covenant University library has fully computerized all routine activities and can boast of a functional virtual library service, which gives staff and students, access to the Web Public Access Catalogue (WebPAC), and other electronic resources from offices, departments wherever there is a web browser anywhere in the globe and anytime.

The library complex is an edifice with three floors, reputed to be one of the largest in Africa. The total floor area of the complex is 11,300m/2. It is designed as an imposing glass structure, which portrays learning as the major activity in the University. It is strategically located amidst the college buildings, the University Chapel and the Halls of Residence. It is able to accommodate up to 3000 readers and about 500 researching staff and postgraduate students.

Vision Statement

The vision of Covenant University’s Center for Learning Resources (CLR) is to become a world-class reference resource Centre in support of teaching, learning, research and scholarship geared towards capacity building, in the quest of raising a new generation of leaders.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Center for Learning Resources is to foster a culture of intellectual growth and development by offering a dynamic and innovative learning environment. We strive to empower our university community with the tools and knowledge necessary to excel in their academic pursuits and contribute positively to society. this achieved by doing the following

  • Build, maintain and preserve diverse information resources to support teaching, learning and research.
  • Provide life-long learning skills to our patrons.
  • Offer qualitative services to the university community and other external scholars.
  • Provide digital innovations for access to global information network.
  • Provide aesthetic user-friendly learning environment that situates the library as the hub for all academic and research activities in the university.
  • To ensure cutting-edge deployment of ICT in library and information services.

Our services

  1. Library Services: Our modern and well-stocked library houses a vast collection of academic resources, including books, journals, research papers, and multimedia materials. Our librarians are committed to assisting users in finding the information they need efficiently.

  2. Digital Resources: Embracing technology, we provide access to a wide range of digital resources, e-books, online databases, and research portals. These resources are available 24/7, allowing students and faculty to explore academic content anytime, anywhere.

  3. Research Support: We understand the importance of research in academic growth. Our center offers workshops, training sessions, and personalized support to students and researchers to strengthen their research skills and methodology.

  4. Learning Spaces: Our center offers a variety of learning spaces, including quiet study areas, collaborative workspaces, and multimedia rooms, to accommodate different learning styles and preferences.

  5. Information Literacy Programs: To equip students with critical skills for the digital age, we conduct information literacy programs that focus on evaluating sources, citing references, and navigating the vast information landscape responsibly.

  6. Academic Events: We organize seminars, webinars, and guest lectures on various academic topics, providing opportunities for intellectual discourse and exposure to diverse perspectives.

Our team

Our team comprises of dedicated and experienced CLR professionals and paraprofessionals who are passionate about supporting and improving the academic endeavors of our community. From librarians to technologists, each member of our team is committed to providing exceptional service and ensuring that your learning experience is enriching and fulfilling.

Visit us

We invite all members of the Covenant University community to explore the Center for Learning Resources and take advantage of the abundant resources and services we offer. Whether you are a student seeking academic materials, a faculty member working on research, or a staff member looking to expand your knowledge, our center is here to assist you on your educational journey.